Lorentz Center Workshop: Artefacts in X-ray Tomography

Friday, January 9, 2015 - 17:45
Event Description: 

This Lorentz Center Workshop aims to initiate an in-depth discussion on the various artefacts that arise in X-ray tomography. The mismatch between the models based on theoretical X-ray physics and the real-world experiments plays a crucial role in making advanced algorithms work well on complex measurement data. The program will consist of a broad lecture program in the mornings and focused discussions in the afternoons, where the participants will work in small discussion groups, based on concrete cases of artefact-problems in synchrotron practice. A series of case descriptions (including explanations, current reconstruction strategy, and experimental datasets) will be used to guide the discussion.

This workshop especially (but not exclusively) targets young researchers at the PhD and postdoc stage. Women are specifically encouraged to participate. The registration will close on Monday December 1st. As the capacity of the workshop accommodation is limited to 55 participants, we may need to make a selection based on the total number of registrants. You will be informed of the selection by Monday December 8th. We will try to obtain a balanced representation of all fields involved in this topic (experimental, mathematical, computational, …). The COST budget allows to provide full or partial reimbursement (travel/hotel/meals) for a substantial number of participants. For the reimbursement, priority will be given to participants at the PhD and postdoc stage.