W2 - Quantitative modeling

WG Leader: Alfred Louis

This Working Group is focused on the development, documentation, simulation, and validation of quantitative models of the X-ray image formation process for the various modalities. Even though X-ray optics has been described extensively in the literature, many choices have to be made when using such models in algorithm implementations. For effective collaboration between the experimental experts and mathematical algorithm developers, it is imperative to have a clear overview of these models, their underlying assumptions, possible simplifications, etc.

The tasks for this Working Group will include:
(a) Creating an inventory of the analytical models available for the various X-ray imaging modalities, including the regime where they are valid and the underlying assumptions.
(b) Establishing a simulation platform for testing the influence of using approximation models in algorithms.
(c) Validating the imaging models and the reconstructed 3D images by reference experiments, using known benchmark objects as well as alternative scanning and sectioning techniques.