Working Groups

The algorithm and software Working Groups are defined as follows:

  • W1 - Software and data exchange; focused on establishing a common software suite that facilitates the exchange of datasets and experiments with different types of algorithms. WG Leader: Søren Schmidt.
  • W2 - Quantitative modeling; focused on the development of quantitative (approximate) models of X-ray image formation that facilitate efficient computation while also accurately modeling the underlying physics. WG Leader: Alfred Louis.
  • W3 - Algorithm development; focused on the development and implementation of novel reconstruction algorithms that can deal with the specific (often non-linear) problems of various X-ray imaging techniques. WG Leader: Bill Lionheart.

The imaging technique Working Groups T1-T3 interact with the three groups W1-W3, while focusing on the specific details of a particular imaging technique:

  • T1 - Absorption and phase contrast; focused on optimizing X-ray tomography for transmission imaging based on the direct attenuation and phase changes of the beam, which allows to reconstruct the attenuation coefficients and refractive index of the object. WG Leader: Lucia Mancini.
  • T2 - Diffraction contrast; focused on optimizing X-ray tomography for 2D and 3D diffraction contrast imaging, which allows to reconstruct shape, orientation and strain for individual grains in poly-crystalline samples. WG Leaders: Wolfgang Ludwig and Søren Schmidt.
  • T3 - Fluorescence contrast; focused on optimizing fluorescence tomography, which allows to perform X-ray imaging with chemical sensitivity. WG Leader: Koen Janssens.