ASTRA Toolbox

The ASTRA Tomography Toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox based on high-performance GPU primitives for 2D and 3D tomography. It supports 2D parallel and fan beam geometries, and 3D parallel and cone beam. All of them have highly flexible source/detector positioning.
A large number of 2D and 3D algorithms are available, including FBP, SIRT, SART, CGLS.
The basic forward and backward projection operations are GPU-accelerated, and directly callable from MATLAB to enable building new algorithms.


TomoPy provides a collaborative framework for the analysis of synchrotron tomographic data that has the goal to unify the effort of different facilities and beamlines performing similar tasks. The basic principles of this Python/C++ based framework are: OS and data format independent, parallelizable, modular and supporting a functional programming style that many researchers in Academia prefer.


PyHST2 is an optimized collection of reconstruction software employed for the micro-tomography beamlines of synchrotron facilities to use the computational power of modern graphic cards. The main paradigm of the approach is the full utilization of all system resources. A pipelined architecture is used, where the GPUs are used as compute coprocessors to reconstruct slices, while the CPUs are preparing the next ones. Special attention is devoted to minimize data transfers between the host and GPU memory and to execute memory transfers in parallel with the computations.


PITRE: software for phase-sensitive X-ray image processing and tomography reconstruction.
Enhanced and Flexible Software Tools for X-ray Computed Tomography at the Italian Synchrotron Radiation Facility Elettra

AIR Tools

AIR Tools is a MATLAB software package for tomographic reconstruction (and other imaging problems) consisting of a number of algebraic iterative reconstruction methods.


MuhRec is a CT reconstruction software developed with the needs of Neutron Imaging in mind. This does however not restrict its use to neutron imaging only, since the same principles apply to for example X-ray CT.


Pore3D is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) consisting in several state-of-the-art functions and procedures for performing filtering, segmentation and quantitative analysis of 3D images (CT, MRI, CLSM, ... ).

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