W1 - Software and data exchange

WG Leader: Søren Schmidt

This Working Group is focused on establishing the definitions and documentation of common, open data formats, datasets and software that can be used throughout the Action, and also beyond the boundaries of the Action. The core of this Working is formed by representative members from each of the other Working Groups, who will ensure that these common software and data formats are disseminated throughout the Working Groups of the Action. Rather than building "production software", the main focus is on a clear and flexible platform for algorithm development and benchmarking.

The tasks for this Working Group will include:
(a) Creating an inventory of tomographic software that is already available. Whenever possible, good existing solutions will be preferred over re-inventing the wheel. Open source for the program code as well as the benchmark data will be a primary requirement for all software adopted in this Working Group.
(b) Creating an inventory of data formats that are currently used throughout the X-ray community. Depending on the input of expert members, a choice will be made for working with existing data formats or developing a new format.
(c) Developing flexible, high-performance implementations of building blocks for tomography algorithms (e.g. projection and backprojection) and basic benchmark implementations of common reconstruction algorithms.
(d) Assembling a collection of benchmark datasets for the key reconstruction problems in all X-ray imaging modalities.